When Will Berserk Musou Come To The West? [VIDEO]

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. What a weird name, but that’s how Koei Tecmo‘s game will come to the West. (Its short form sounds funny: BatBotH…)

The game will have a Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay with a much more brutal approach, and it will be available on three platforms in the West out of the original four: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC. As always, the black sheep is the PlayStation 3 version, which stays in Japan. We also have to point out that the PS Vita and the PC port will be available digital-only, but you can grab the PlayStation 4 version physically as well from February 21 in North America and 24 in Europe. Over two hours of cinematic footage, which seems to look even better than the anime adaptations of Berserk. (The Japanese launch is set to October 27.)

You can read our preview here.

What about the Tokyo Game Show trailer? It’s bloody. Yes.

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