Death Stranding: Is It Coming In 2018?

We keep hearing more new details about Hideo Kojima‘s game.

IGN complied the most important details together, so let’s put the new pieces into the puzzle.

Kojima says that Death Stranding will be out the year before the arrival of the Akira movie. Well, Akira is out in 2019, so we can guess that the game, featuring Norman Reedus, would be available in 2018. (Or by May 2019, to be exact.)

Kojima also added that Death Stranding‘s online segment would be a „different kind of online play than anything we’ve seen before.” The protagonist will be female! So… will Norman Reedus play a secondary role? What about the game engine? It’s apparently a „well-known third party engine.” (We still believe it’s going to be the Frostbite engine.) Yoji Shinkawa, the character designer, also chimed in saying the game might feature some mechs, too.

If this third-person action game indeed arrives in 2018, then we will be surprised. It’s rare to see a game completed in about three years from scratch.

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