Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – No Loopholes Allowed!

We already wrote once about how owning Infinite Warfare will be important to launch Modern Warfare Remastered. The story is not over yet!

According to Charlie Intel; it’s a Call of Duty fansite, the site of Modern Warfare Remastered mentions how putting Infinite Warfare‘s disc into our console might be necessary to launch the upgraded version of the 2007 FPS. This situation means Activision doesn’t just limit us digitally, but also if we decide to buy the shooter(s) in retail stores.

Activision‘s decision is easy to explain: the publisher doesn’t want us to buy Infinite Warfare‘s Deluxe version (or better) and then sell that to just play Modern Warfare Remastered. That means you’ll have to fork out 80 bucks at the least to get both Call of Duty games even if you just want to play one of them.

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