Mass Effect: Andromeda: Not All Species Will Show Up From The Original Trilogy

The new Mass Effect game will lack a few species.

The change from the original trilogy to Andromeda won’t be that easy: in the new Bioware game, there will be a few noticeable lacking species. According to Mac Waiters, the game’s creative director, the IP was planned in such a way to have everyone show up, but it won’t happen in Andromeda for „hopefully obvious reasons.” Alright, we’ll have some fun time with the Kett, the new species.

Still, The Tempest (our ship’s name, it won’t have any loading screens!) won’t be empty. That „hopefully obvious reasons” line is promising: there’s a possibility that Electronic Arts will commission Bioware to work o the sequel(s?), especially going by the fact that the publisher is not rushing the developer to finish the game. They can work on Andromeda as long as they want for a better experience (and thus, potentially more sales).

We’ll see new gameplay on December 1 at The Game Awards, where we might see the possible release date of March 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC confirmed, too.

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