Boba Fett May Be the Next Star Wars Spin-Off After Han Solo?

MOVIE NEWS – Many fans were frustrated to learn this past month that a Boba Fett teaser trailer that had been completed and ready to be presented at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration was scrapped just before the big event. The reason: Fantastic Four director Josh Tank was fired. The movie, which was believed to follow this month’s Rogue One, was shelved indefinitely, and the teaser was locked in the Disney vaults. Well, it seems that first look footage might get ready again in time for Star Wars Celebration 2017 if a new rumor is to be credited.

My Entertainment World is now listing Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story as to being in production. However, Lucasfilm nor Disney have officially confirmed this spin-off to happen. Yes, it definitely once was, but any kind of official announcement from the studio is being put on hold. It’s likely that Boba Fett may have a cameo in Han Solo, and the big bosses are waiting to see the public’s answer – whether or not this is the right character to follow next. Especially since this would basically be Lucasfilm’s first Star Wars anti-hero flick. In the video gaming world, an anti-hero game was already made: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I. and II., but none so far as a movie.

While Boba Fett has no more than 5 lines in the original Star Wars trilogy, he’s still is one of the most popular Star Wars characters of all time since his first appearance at a small parade in Southern California, where fans flanked him for autographs not knowing even who he was, or how he played into the overall Star Wars mythos. He got a more prominent introduction in the animated portion of the Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, and was the first mail-in action figure made available for pre-order from Kenner before his big screen introduction in The Empire Strikes Back, way back in 1980. However, the notorious bounty hunter has never clocked in much screen time, he was only seen in two movies, and his demise came early in Return of the Jedi. There is also some non-canon material which shows, that he was never properly digested by the Sarlacc Pit monster and lived to fight on, including the original Marvel Star Wars comics (which are not considered canon).

Attack of the Clones gave Boba Fett and his Father Jango Fett a pretty good origin, so making an origin-story might be tricky. Though some believe the man under the mask when we come to know him in Empire Strikes Back is not the same character that Daniel Logan plays in the prequels. Even though Logan is the right age to portray Boba Fett in a stand-alone movie, there have been ongoing rumors that Creed star Micheal B. Jordan is wanted as Boba Fett, who assumes the Bounty Hunter’s identity after killing the real Boba Fett and stealing his Mandalorian armor.

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