When You Get A Copy Of Splatoon And You Get Adult Content Instead

What happens when a different disc ends up in a game’s case?

Recently, it happened a few times that handhelds that meant to be Christmas gifts came with porn on them. Someone managed to go a step further: a little girl got a Nintendo Wii U for Christmas, as well as a physical copy of Splatoon. However, the game case had a porn DVD in it!

Kristy Grieder told WLWT () that she bought everything at Target, which is one of the largest retail chains in the United States. Everything went all fine and dandy until December 25 when Grieder’s daughter opened the shrinkwrap of Splatoon… and the game’s case had a copy of something else.

Target tried to silence the complaint with a gift card, but Grieder is disappointed, and she’d like to know how she got Sensual Seductions 2 instead of the Wii U game… but will Nintendo react?

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