For Honor (Finally) Got A Closed Beta Date [VIDEO]

We weren’t too far off with our guess regarding Ubisoft‘s beta test.

Previously, we thought For Honor would launch sometime in early February, and it turns out we were just a few days off. The French company announced that the beta test launches on January 26, and it will end on January 29. In case you still haven’t registered, click here, choose your preferred platform and your faction, and hope to get an invite in your email box shortly.

While we don’t know if the multiplayer will be peer-to-peer or not (we wrote about this subject earlier), but Ubisoft will track the results of the battles of War of the Factions. Players under the winning team will receive bonuses when buying the retail game, but the participation will also hand out rewards.

The game will launch on February 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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