Final Fantasy XV, With Afrojack [VIDEO]

Square Enix continues to be crazy.

NieR: Automata’s DLC deserved mention, and now, Final Fantasy XV‘s next biggest update (of which we previously wrote about in detail – PlayStation 4 Pro owners will dig the new image quality mode!) goes a step further. The game’s official Twitter account confirmed that the JRPG gets a brand new weapon.

This is the AfroSword, inspired by Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Afrojack. It looks like a set of DJ turntables, although as a sword, it is going to inflict a ton of damage. If you pull this weapon out, you’re going to hear Afrojack‘s music as well in the background.

First, the new NieR includes the CEO/President of Square Enix and PlatinumGames, now here’s this sword, too. Square Enix, if you lost your mind, it’s fine: we appreciate the random weirdness!

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