Overwatch To Receive A New Version And Event [VIDEO]

Blizzard, with all capital letters, is still UNSTOPPABLE.

On the Xbox Store, TrueAchievements found out that Overwatch is preparing Anniversary loot boxes, and they also learned that the game, which has over 30 million players, will also receive a Game of the Year Edition. This edition of the game, planned to launch on May 23, will have following content:

• The full game
• 10 Bonus Loot Boxes with cosmetic goodies for your Overwatch heroes.
• Origin Skins for 5 Overwatch heroes.
• A Baby Winston Pet for adventures in World of Warcraft.
• The Tracer Hero for battling it out in Heroes of the Storm.
• And more

On the same day, an Anniversary event would also launch (Overwatch started on May 24 last year, but seeing how the game updates on Tuesdays, having it start a day early is reasonable), which would end on June 3, according to the Xbox Store. As usual, there would be new, exclusive loot boxes that you could buy until June 5, and they’d contain over a hundred visual extras (okay, a few audio files, too…).

Is there anyone who doubts Overwatch‘s success?

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