People Can Fly Teams Up With Square Enix

Polish developer team People Can Fly has joined forced with Square Enix for an AAA title.

The developers of Bulletstorm are now in a development partnership with the Japanese publisher to make an AAA game for PC and consoles. In case you would think that Square Enix would have this project in their line-up, prepare to be disappointed. The development is likely in an early state, which means the Poles’ work will not be shown. Gamescom is unlikely then as well.

People Can Fly was also responsible for the PC port of Gears of War, as well as being a co-developer of Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment. They have been independent since 2015 after Epic Games had purchased them in 2013.

Seeing their developing history, it is likely that People Can Fly is working on another shooter game…

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