Bandai Namco Enters The Mobile Market

At this rate, we might get a mobile Dark Souls game. Pay to use the bonfire multiple times!

Bandai Namco struck a deal with DOCOMO Digital „to expand content portfolios and drive growth in new markets. Using DOCOMO Digital’s m-commerce platform, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe will explore new sales channels, compete in emerging markets and drive monetisation of games using alternative payment methods, including direct carrier billing,” the press release says.

„The partnership will also see the co-creation of exclusive HTML5 based mobile games which DOCOMO Digital will be able to offer directly to its partner network of mobile operators. The company also plans to develop stronger relationships with alternative app stores, mobile device OEMS and operators in emerging ecosystems, particularly in Africa, Latam and India.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe’s freemium mobile games will also be directly impacted by the deal. DOCOMO Digital will leverage its distribution reach to give customers different ways to discover and engage with mobile games, primarily in unbanked countries where direct carrier billing is a mainstream payment method for digital content,” it continues.

Bandai Namco is not a small company – multiple franchises could be showing up on mobile. Tekken doesn’t seem unlikely, but there are many others – just to name a few: Ace Combat, Pac-Man, Ridge Racer, Tales, Soul Calibur, God Eater, Souls, and that was just a basic recap. We could go further back in time…

Japanese companies still see a lot of money in mobile games. Just look at the Nintendo-DeNA collaboration!

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