What Does Gearbox’ Boss Think Of Lootboxes?

Randy Pitchford took the advantage of the recently doubled Twitter character limit (which is now 280 characters).

We don’t want to quote the entire novel that he wrote, but we’ll quote the most important parts of his tweets: „I am very much against predatory monetization schemes in F2P games for consumable goods and even more so against them in premium games. I tend to oppose such techniques both as an artist and creator and also as a customer and a gamer. […] We never sold Golden Keys (an arguably consumable good) in the Borderlands game. We had non-trivial levels of demand from customers to do so, but we did not relent. We chose only to give Golden Keys away via social media and partner relations. […] I tend to be very supportive of post-launch monetization of durable goods as DLC in *almost* any form. […] As an artist and creator who very much *loves* the nature of the “loot box” as it appears in our Borderlands games, I’m concerned that the words “loot box” are being used as shorthand for practice I am not in favor of. Can we find another term for what we object to? […] In the case where “grinding” is, well, playing the game and in the case where the player does not want to, well, play the game but doesn’t want to pay cash to skip playing the game, I recommend considering another choice: don’t play the game. If the “grinding” is the game and the game is not fun, the rational choice is to play other games that are fun. If playing the game is fun, it should be a reward, not an obstacle to play the damn thing. If playing the game is not fun and the desire is to skip it, well, that’s a game that should be skipped and passed upon. […]”

Later, he grabbed the keyboard again: „[…] the relationship we should strive to have with one another is the relationship between an entertainer and an audience. The relationship we need to avoid in our medium is like the relationship between a tobacco company and an addict,” adding that Facebook‘s approach is similar. The head of Gearbox also said that the company wants to push the GaaH (Games As A Hobby) approach instead of GaaS (Games As A Service). He has a point: games should be about entertainment altogether.

Source: WCCFTech

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