A Portable Nintendo 64 Got (Prematurely) Revealed!

Nintendo 64 Mini? Nope, although that could be the reason why this project could see a shutdown.

Hyperkin is a company that works on accessories for consoles, as well as making retro consoles with more functions/possibilities. They seem to be working on a portable Nintendo 64 with a built-in display, and you can see it in action on the two photos below. These images were revealed on Facebook by their senior account manager, Ramon Moras-Noval!

The company confirmed this portable Nintendo 64, which would take the original cartridges, but Ramon thinks the development takes too much time. However, Hyperkin already took actions against Ramon for revealing internal R&D information online… and who knows if they will end up making this prototype an available product?

Nintendo is also likely working on their console (although, just like the mini NES and SNES, it would need a TV to be used), so all we can do now is wait to see if something happens with the portable Nintendo 64.

Source: NintendoLife, Facebook

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