Monster Hunter World: The duration of the campaign is revealed!

The post-credits content will extend the duration of the game.

In spite of the many changes that Monster Hunter: World undergoes over the previous titles, duration is still the watchword of the saga. In an interview with the German portal Mein-MMO, the director Yuya Tokuda explained that “depending on the type of player, I guess it would take between 40 and 50 hours to finish the campaign. But I would not be a Monster Hunter if I did not have content to enjoy after the credits.”

Although the creative has made specific reference to the improvement of weapons and armor to which we are already accustomed, the director of the artistic section and former producer Kaname Fujioka devoted his time to mention also the contents that will be added later to the game in the form of Free DLC.

Monster Hunter World is already among the most anticipated games of 2018. Its return to desktop consoles is scheduled for next January 26, although it will also be released later on PC. If you cannot wait until then to play it, we remind you that on the 22nd of this month there is an open beta on PS4.

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