Star Trek: Bridge Crew: Goodbye, VR! [VIDEO]

Ubisoft „un-VR-d” its roughly six-month-old game.

The French company issued a statement on their website, where they said that the multiplayer starship simulator, which required all players to use a VR headset (such as the PlayStation VR), now removed the VR requirement with a free update. Therefore, the game, design with the VR in mind, requires VR no more. Logical…

The game is cross-platform: PC and PlayStation 4 users, regardless of equipment, can play Star Trek: Bridge Crew together, which deserves mention. There seem to be plans for this game.

Does Ubisoft think that the VR craze is over and the balloon is about to pop? (Otherwise, why did they just get rid of the requirement?)

Source: Ubisoft


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