Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Yet Another Patch; DigitalFoundry’s Analysis Available [VIDEO]

The successful game of the week is slowly evolving.

VG247 reports that the 1.03 patch can require as much as 13-16 gigabytes yet again, which means that the game now has over 40 gigabytes downloaded just with its patches… but Kingdom Come needs it. On Twitter, Daniel Vávra also acknowledged the issue with the R2 button. (Luckily, we had no problems with it!) As this is the button we attack with, it’s important: if you have weak fingers or an old controller, you might not be able to fight. Until then, you could remap the button via Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignments, then tick Enable Custom Button Assignments. There are no official patch notes for 1.03 yet, but apparently, the PlayStation 4 listed these: „Stealth and stealth kills adjusted, Additional quest bugs fixed, Various optimizations,” and our favorite, „People now get dirty more gradually.” (LOL?)

DigitalFoundry’s analysis has also arrived. We’re lazy, so we’re just quoting our review: „The ordinary PlayStation 4 and Xbox One runs Kingdom Come: Deliverance at 900p resolution and both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X is limited to 1440p, but 1080p seems to be more common. The initial loading time is also horrible. Microsoft’s consoles are faster than Sony’s – on a PS4 Pro, expect a roughly 1.5-minute wait, and if you have a regular PS4, it’s going to be almost TWO minutes. The frame rate is also problematic: a regular PlayStation 4 mostly hovers in the 20-25 FPS territory (and in cutscenes, it can go as low as 20…), and even the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t hold a constant thirty frames per second. The experience isn’t the best.”

At least Warhorse is improving the game.

Source: VG247

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