PlayStation Plus: The May Line-Up! [VIDEO]

Let’s see what Sony has pulled out for this month. Will we like the list, or will we be disappointed by the next month’s freebies?

Sony still managed to somewhat surprise us for the last Spring month, as the PlayStation 4-owners will receive Beyond: Two Souls, as well as Rayman Legends – the first title is obviously meant to hype us up for Detroit: Become Human, which will launch on May 25 as a PS4-exclusive game.

The PlayStation 3 is going to get Risen 3: Titan Lords and Eat Them, while the PlayStation Vita will receive King Oddball and Furmins – the former is a cross-buy title with both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

We’d still like to point out something regarding the PlayStation 4 duo: both games originally came out on the PlayStation 3 in 2013. We have seen better games even in the 2018 line-ups, to be fair.

The games will swap out the April list on Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on your region.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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