Monster Hunter: World: How To Be Sakura? [VIDEO]

Make your monster hunter become a Street Fighter V character.

The Empress in Full Bloom challenge quest is running right now, allowing PlayStation 4-users to turn their hunter (regardless of male or female sex) to be Sakura.

In the gathering hall, talk to the Arena Lass, scroll to the last page, accept the quest, and get a ticket to craft the armor. You’ll have to be at least rank 12 to face a Pink Rathian, which is faster and stronger than a green version (you’ll have to use Ice, Water or Dragon elemental attacks to win), and if you win, you’ll get the second ticket. If you beat it on A rank, you get three, if you win on B, you get two, and if you conquer it on C, you get one ticket.

You’ll need four tickets, as well as four Hunter King and Rathian coins, plus six Pink Rathian Scale +. If you have them all, go to the Smithy and get the Sakura armor, which even includes her voice. You have to wear the whole armor (just like Aloy’s from Horizon: Zero Dawn).

You have until May 17 to complete the mission. Next week (May 11), a higher level Ryu armor also becomes available via The Awakened Satsui no Hado, where you must be at least rank 13 and defeat a Nergigante.

Source: VG247

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