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REVIEW – I have a weird sense of déjavu. I think I have seen this before already. Oh right… I reviewed this two and a half years ago, but Activision decided to re-release the game on current-gen consoles because we all know that Call of Duty’s money bags isn’t enough for Activision…


Another superhero game, but now the protagonist (?) is a crazy jerk. That is why I might just say that Deadpool is interesting despite building upon cliché after cliché.  Still, it has a high enough quality to play it through once. I didn’t even get into the other personalities of Wade Wilson yet…

Deadpool is a TPS-hack ‘n’ slash combination, something you have seen in several other games. That would make the starting note quite low for this song. It’s your average collect points to improve your characters and buy weapons formula, so the concept itself is nothing new. This is the problem with the entire game: the developers didn’t try to revolutionize the genre… however, I’d still recommend this game a shot, but only if you missed out on the PC/PS3 versions.

I’ll sleep; maybe you go away

A rainy day, a boring evening. We find Deadpool sleeping in his chair. Let’s push a button to move his ass. He does it. Achievement. I laughed. That was already a cue that this game isn’t going to be boring! And then, I started to look around the condo, while Deadpool… let’s just say it bluntly, argues with himself in a stylish way.

I’d point out a few examples from the early segments of the game: there is a pump in the bedroom. I started to use it… and it turned out to be a sex doll. One of Deadpool‘s voices reacted with this: „what a shame”. While using the toilet in the bathroom, Wade pulls a sensor bar out, but he finds it too small, so he stretches out. You can kind of guess where the slapstick humour of the game is going.

And these were just a small piece of the unique personality of the game. It’s seriously not taking itself seriously, which could be a point that turns some gamers away from this title, but for others, it can end up giving Wade Wilson a thumbs up, just like how he does on the box art.

Finally, I have my own game

The gameplay is easy to get used to. Deadpool starts off with a pair of katanas and a pistol by default. You can use them to kill off the endless amounts of goons, but obviously, you can change them. You can improve them (damage amount, extra points after kills, combos, and so on), or just get new weaponry, which can also be tuned after collecting a required amount of DP points (this is the in-game currency, think of it as the game’s EXP points, they are also scattered all around the levels as well). You can also improve Deadpool himself.

You can give him more health (speaking of which, he regenerates after a few seconds of not getting hurt – he can scratch his crotch while you stand still, and I’m not joking either!), get him more loot from enemies, who are already chucking bullets out of their corpses already, improve his momentum (combos mean stronger attacks, think of this way), so you can really make him a versatile antihero. Don’t forget to abuse his trusty teleporting skill, it can save lives!

I can do this all day!

The game doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over the PlayStation 3 original release. It still runs on Unreal Engine 3, so I don’t think I can call this PS4 port a huge leap of technical improvement. The blood is still present, Deadpool does get visibly worn down on low health, and while you can point out the age of the graphical engine, it can be ignored to a point. At least the framerate seems to be somewhat alright.

What about the voice? It’s brilliant. Nolan North’s voice perfectly suits Wade Wilson! Gags work well, but only once. Once, Deadpool will ask for his theme song, and it will start to play the first few chords. Music is okay, but it’s not as brilliant as say, Spec Ops: The Line and that game is also an Unreal Engine 3-using TPS.

It’s okay, for one playthrough

Let’s recap then… so here’s a huge jerk with some great acrobatic skills. You can hate him or love him – there is no middle road here. He got a cliché-filled game, which has good ambience and audio, but it might be lowered overall because of his unusual style. It is worth giving it a try – you can spend a good few days just to get all achievements, skills and weapons. It’s good, but you won’t remember it after a few years…

But, if you have played this on PC or PlayStation 3, don’t get it. Do not let Activision continue this ridiculous trend of current-gen ports, and they already did this with the two Prototype games…



+ Deadpool himself
+ The ambience
+ The audio


– Deadpool: you can only either hate him or love him
– It’s cliché, and it’s only fun once
– Impossible to make a sequel, so Activision re-released the game

Kiadó: Activision

Fejlesztő: High Moon Studios

Stílus: Action, beat ’em up

Megjelenés: June 25, 2013(PS3), November 18, 2015(PS4)


Gameplay - 6.8
Graphics - 7.1
Story/Humour - 7.8
Music/Audio - 7.2
Ambiance - 7.6



Here's Deadpool again - but it's just yet another of the current generation ports. Get it only if you have spare money and you missed out on the PS3/PC originals. Otherwise, this is a skip.

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