The new Spider-Man game could get a New Game Plus Mode too

Aside from this, we’ve also learned more things about Insomniac Games‘ new game thanks to Twitter.

Insomniac Games is very active on Twitter and recently they answered some fans’ questions about Spider-Man and we have learned some new info about it. For example, we’ve got to know that web-swinging will require a higher level of interactivity, it won’t be enough to hold R2, because the web then would break. The player needs to shoot each web out individually by using R2 again and again.

The developers also tried to ease fans that the base PS4 version will look great as well, while they stated that a New Game Plus Mode “would be cool”. So at least it’s not off the table. However, it’s questionable what its purpose would be, because traditionally in these open-world games the player can easily maximize his character’s gadgets and stats by the time he first finishes the game.

Spider-Man will release on exclusively PlayStation 4 in September, this year.

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