Huge drop on Capcom shares!

Yesterday Capcom’s shares’ price dropped significantly, thanks to the concerns regarding Monster Hunter World by investors.

Recently, Variety spotted in Financial Times that the Bank of America Merril Lynch changed Capcom’s „neutral” rating to „underperform”. Although the game’s sales keep growing steadily, it looks like it’s popularity is going down fast six months after its release. Therefore the bank expects a huge decline in sales in the next months.

Of course, it’s expected that a game’s sales will eventually start to slow down sometime after its release, but the bank’s analysts expected a slower decline, partially because Monster Hunter World designed to be a game with a longer life.

It looks like the announcement of the PC version’s release date (August 9th) wasn’t enough either for investors. According to Financial Times, the publisher’s shares’ prices dropped from 25.19 dollars to 20.71 in a span of a single day, which means that the shares of Capcom have been dropped by 13%.

It’s surprising to see this data, considering that Monster Hunter World wasn’t just the best-selling Monster Hunter game to date, but it was also the most successful game of Capcom ever and this had driven the publisher to its most profitable financial year to date.

Source: GameIndustry

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