Dead Cells will finally release soon [VIDEO]

The game that’s been in early access for over a year now will finally release in its full form.

Dead Cells is a very fun and colourful side-scroller, that merges the elements of the metroidvania and roguelike genre in its own unique way, while its difficulty is very similar to the Souls games, according to the developers (tough, but fair combat). The game is available to buy on Steam as an early access title for over a year now, but the console versions (and the full release) will only be next month.

In the past year, the developers expanded the game’s content heavily – with new areas, bosses, enemies, and weapons – while they also listened to community feedback in order to ensure that they can release the final game with the best difficulty, polish, and balance as possible.

The release is not too far away – Dead Cells‘ full version will arrive on August 7th and it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. What’s interesting is that the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will be buyable not just digitally, but in physical form as well, Merge Games (publisher) announced.

Source: Gematsu

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