One player spent $ 10,000 on the FIFA Ultimate Team

He used the Data Protection Law to know what data EA Sports has on his profile.

A British amateur of 32 years has discovered that he invested more than 10,000 dollars in FIFA Ultimate Team during the last two years. This player, whom we will call Michael because he prefers not to give his real name, has told Eurogamer his story.

Michel explains to this website that he had used the Law of General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) to find out what data EA Sports had about him during his playing time in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18. This law of the European Union entered into force on May 25 forcing companies to make public the data they have about their customers if they request it. Michael just wanted to check what data EA has about him, and if the developer could be manipulating the randomness of Ultimate Team cards based on the expense. So Michael discovered the money he had actually spent on FIFA Ultimate Team cards over the past two years.

After making the request Michael received two PDF files of more than 100 pages and audio files of all his phone calls with the support team. Michael confesses to the British media Eurogamer that he was surprised to discover that he had spent more than $ 10,000 on purchases in the game in just two years, especially during the “special events”. Unfortunately EA was very cautious when detailing the functioning of the card system and the mechanisms governing the content draws, explaining that it had retained data that affect the security and integrity of EA products and services, data that, if disclosed, would affect the rights and freedoms of others, including EA, and any other commercial secret of EA or third parties. ”

EA has already confirmed that FIFA 19 will better indicate the contents of the FUT packages, detailing that when the player buys a package, he will know what he is going to achieve, with a fixed number of guaranteed cards, and the probabilities that certain packages will appear.

Source: 3DJuegos

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