Ubisoft Reverts Aesthetic Changes/Censorship In Rainbow Six: Siege!

The Western players won’t get a graphically modified game after it enters the Chinese market in an official, legal format.

The French company announced in a blog post that with the release of Wind Bastion, they are starting to revert the graphical changed (which we detailed previously), but they need time, because due to the short timeframe, they don’t want the (re)adjustments to be a big impact on the next season (as the game has launched roughly three years ago, and Ubisoft continues to support it).

„Our intentions are to keep any impact to a minimum, though such changes may lead to a season delay and/or some instability as our testing and debug times are shortened. We will monitor our tests closely and keep you updated on any new development on the matter via our Rainbow Six Twitter,” the post reads.

Thus, the players in the Asian region can enjoy the same game as the others, as Ubisoft has followed the community’s feedback. All we can say to that is „fair play.”

Source: VG247

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