Pioneer Is In Development! [VIDEO]

Pioneer‘s existence was confirmed by an AAA game that came out over two years ago…

Watch Dogs 2 had a sci-fi, explorational game that got cancelled before its announcement… or maybe not? Kotaku reports that instead of cancellation, the game’s development was rebooted, which means its original concept is no longer going to be used.

Alex Hutchinson, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4 (he now works as a co-founder of Typhoon Studios), wrote „RIP Pioneer” on Twitter, which was followed by AC III’s animation art director Jonathan Cooper the same day. However, Ubisoft did not respond to them. Kotaku’s report steps in here – three sources claim that there’s a project called Pioneer, but it is changed significantly into „Pioneer’s undead half-brother.”

Originally, Pioneer would have been a sci-fi exploration game with no overt violence. It was handled by Hutchinson and a small team, but the game got rebooted in 2016 under different leadership; the rumours about the game getting cancelled in January turned out to be another reboot, which now made Pioneer into „a co-op multiplayer alien shooter.”

Pioneer might be a next-gen game if it ever manages to get released. We doubt that at the moment. Here’s the video that was found in Watch Dogs 2 – it seems to be the Hutchinson concept.

Source: PCGamer

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