AI Creates a Fake Face Every Time You Reload this Website! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – The fake faces using artificial intelligence (AI) by a smart software on a website. generates a new lifelike image each time the page is refreshed, which is using technology developed by chipmaker Nvidia.

Some visitors to the website say they have been amazed how convincing are some of the fakes human images, although others are more clearly artificial – like that picture below.

Also, many people have gone and made some of the fake faces on social media.

Already in 2017, Nvidia developed a pair of adversarial AI programs to create and then critique the images. The company later made these programs open source, meaning they are publicly accessible.

As the quality of synthetic speech, text and imagery improves, researchers are encountering ethical dilemmas about whether to share their work.

Last week, the Elon Musk-backed OpenAI research group announced it had created an artificially intelligent “writer”.

But the San Francisco group took the unusual step of not releasing the technology behind the project publicly.

“It’s clear that the ability to generate synthetic text that is conditioned on specific subjects has the potential for significant abuse,” the group said in a statement to AI blog Synced.

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