World War Z Defends its Exclusivity in Epic Store

“It’s the best agreement for players and developers.”

Last December the team after World War Z announced that this expected action and survival video game in its PC version would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, leaving aside Steam. The news did not feel particularly good to some fans, but the Saber Interactive team has defended its decision stating that it is “the best agreement for players and developers.”

“First of all, creating a game is very expensive, so receiving 88% instead of 70% means that we can invest more money in the development of World War Z,” said the head of the company, speaking of the higher profit margin, that they receive by publishing in Epic Store instead of the Valve platform. We must remember that Steam claims 30% of the profits from the sale of games on the platform, compared to 12% that remains Epic.

On the other hand, he continues, this economic advantage has also translated into a price discount for the game, which now costs $ 34.99 instead of the initial $ 39.99. “We are delighted to be able to share with all of you the benefits that Epic Games Store offers developers, and we can not wait for you to enjoy our game.”

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