Square Enix Responded To Pierre Taki’s Drug Scandal! [VIDEO]

The Japanese media personality’s situation gets worse and worse.

We found a video of Pierre Taki’s arrest. It’s a Japanese news report that shows clips of Taki getting those good old handcuffs on his hands. That’s not all. Yesterday, we stopped by saying Square Enix has not responded to Taki getting thrown into jail (like how SEGA did by suspending Judge Eyes’ sales, risking the localization into Judgment in the process…). Well, they announced their move – Kingdom Hearts III will remove Taki’s voice.

Pierre Taki can be heard in Arendelle, the Frozen world in Kingdom Hearts III. He is (was?) the voice of Olaf. Well, according to the announcement, Square Enix will release an update soon with his voice getting replaced, which is reasonable – unlike Judge Eyes/Judgment, Taki doesn’t have that much of a significant role.

With this move, the story is over for now – if SEGA finally decides whether Judgment is still getting released or not, we will return to the subject.

Source: Gematsu

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