RAGE 2 Will Not Have A Deep Story! Why Not?

RAGE 2, which is co-developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios (and not Avalanche Software – it’s easy to confuse the two…), and is being developed by the latter’s Apex engine, leaves the deep story for a good (?) reason.

„I will not sit here and say the deep story is why you should play Rage 2 – it’s an action game. But we’re trying to tell small stories, both by interactions with the NPCs that you meet and also through the environment. It’s something that we want to push more and more. There are many good storytelling games that are open world games second, but the common mistake is to tell a linear story. Then you’re failing in giving the player all that freedom. I think the whole industry needs to find the magic moment where somebody comes up with evolution in open world storytelling,” Magnus Nedfors, the director of RAGE 2, told VG247.

We intentionally mentioned that the game is being made by two teams – during the interview, Nedfors also talked about whether RAGE 2 is an id Software or an Avalanche Studios game: „[Id Software] didn’t come to us and say, ‘We think you should do Rage 2 in this way.’ We got the opportunity to do our creative take and present an idea that we had from the beginning before they gave us basically anything. […] It’s been a great exchange in both directions. Early on in the project, Tim said, ‘I don’t understand how you make these open world games’. I learned from a legend in the gaming industry, and he learned something from us as well.”

Nedfors also added that it was a challenge for the team to make a first-person game, as they have never done one before. Still, we’re curious to see how id’s and Avalanche’s views will mix together in RAGE 2, which will launch on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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