New Details About The PlayStation 5: Pricing, Release Window, Specs!

We get to know more and more about the next generation of PlayStation.

Ace Research has published a Japanese analysis of Sony, where they have hidden a price and a release window forecast. The console could be priced 49980 JPY, which could translate to 499 USD and 499 Euros, but we predict that the price would be slightly higher in the West, meaning the PlayStation 5 (which is still not called as such) could be 550 USD/EUR at launch. The analysis also mentions a November 2020 release window, which makes sense: the PlayStation 4 also started in November in 2013.

Meanwhile, on Reddit (there’s already a PlayStation 5 subreddit… lol?), a user has published details about an internal Sony meeting, posting some specifications as well about the PlayStation 5 (as well as posting a photo from the meeting, which was followed up by another user, too). Quoting the post: „[The CPU would be an] 8 core [AMD Ryzen] Zen 2, clocked at 3.2Ghz. [The GPU would be a] custom Navi GPU, 56CU [computing units], [at] 1.8Ghz, [with] 12.9TF[LOPS performance]. The ray-tracing is hardware based, co-engineered by AMD and Sony. (They believe the RT hardware is the basis for the rumour that Navi was built for Sony.) [There would be] 24GB RAM (type or bandwidth wasn’t mentioned), a custom embedded Solid State solution paired with HDD, [as well as] PlayStation 4 native backwards compatibility. The Boost mode is being worked on. No mention of enhanced titles. The PS3 BC will stay as part of PlayStation Now for the foreseeable future. The new PlayStation VR wasn’t mentioned at all.

It may not as powerful as some think, Sony say they want a balanced machine that’s powerful with limited potential for bottlenecks. My friend also said Sony as of recently wants to position itself as a premium brand and this will be the messaging focus.”

Of course, this is all unconfirmed, but it looks serious, doesn’t it?

Source: Ace Research, MP1st

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