Wolfenstein’s Developers Would Love To Make A New Enemy Territory Or Quake Game!

MachineGames would gladly take a shot at another franchise if the Swedish team had a chance to do so.

On Reddit, they held an Ask Me Anything session, and we learned a few things via it. (Also, recently we wrote about how their next game, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which will be out in late July on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, would be open-ended, meaning it would follow Far Cry’s example and let you play after the story is over.)

For example, they repeated that Wolfenstein was planned to be a trilogy (discounting the standalone expansion The Old Blood, or the spin-off Youngblood), so they could likely begin work on the final game in it, and BJ Blazkowicz’ story would probably end on next-gen platforms at this rate. However, Jerk Gustafsson wrote the following: „Of course, we are huge fans of Enemy Territory and such an opportunity [to make a sequel] would be super-exciting.” They’d make something new for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which came out in 2007 as a class-based, multiplayer-focused title.

They would take a crack at another franchise as well, had they been given the chance: „Quake is the reason I got into gaming. Discovering WorldCraft and Level Design, making maps for Quake, was one of the best experiences of my life – I even still do it today. Developing a Quake game (a re-imagination of Quake 1) is and will always be on my bucket list, but working with Wolfenstein and getting to work closely with my heroes over at id Software is pretty awesome too,” Gustafsson wrote. „I can’t answer for the team, but I personally could only second what Jerk wrote earlier, Quake would be a killer IP to be part of,” Axel Torvenius, the art director of MachineGames, added.

So they have a few ideas, but they can’t work on the games alone – they need the publisher’s blessing, too, but seeing how the newest Quake game (Quake Champions) was multiplayer-focused (and PC-only), it’s unlikely that the franchise could get another title with a campaign in it.

Source: WCCFTech

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