Doom Eternal: About The Souls-like Invasions [VIDEO]

In the first id Tech 7 game, we’ll be able to enter into others’ games as a demon as if it was a Souls game. id Software talked in detail about it at E3.

„There’s a very cat and mouse type of dynamic to it. As the demon you have the ability to hide within the environment, get ahead of him, sneak up on him, there’s a bit of a hide and seek mechanic to it. And really the crux of it is that we want people to play through the campaign, we’ve thought about invasion as much more of an endgame type of thing. Then you get these players who love playing as the Slayer, want to play through the campaign again, and they say, ‘bring it on. Show me what you can dish out at me.’ And from a demon perspective it’s the ultimate opportunity to grief, and basically jump in a Slayer’s game and poke him in the chest and say, ‘I’m going to take you’. That actually requires both those sides to have a bit of experience with the game and it’s a ton of fun.

When you’re playing as a demon there are different things that you can… like as an example, there are bounce pads [think Quake III Arena – these helped you get to high locations – the editor] that are only visible to demons that help them get to different places, and if a gate is closed for the Slayer, it may be open for the demon. As you’re the demon you can see different things in the world, and you can always see the Slayer. You’re always lurking,” Hugo Martin, the creative director, told VG247.

„You’re going to be more successful if you know the level, so that’s why we feel like it’s more of a late game feature, something that people will probably do after they’ve beaten a level or something like that, that you’d want to invade it, because you can spring your attack on the Slayer as the demon, if you know what he’s about to do because you already beat that level,” executive producer Marty Stratton (who recently had a quite bold comment about real-time raytracing, which we discussed, too) added.

Doom Eternal, where the pickups, such as ammo, weapons, or HP, will be floating as the devs consider the game as it is (a game), will also feature third-person cutscenes. Why? „I think with Doom 2016 players really got into the lore, they got into the power of who he is, but we did it in ways that were, I would call them a bit harder core. I mean if you wanted to know the Slayer testaments you had to go up to a rock and listen to a booming voice, which was amazing, but you kind of had to stand there and listen to the rock for the most part. So with this game, and all we wanted to do, and the questions we wanted to answer, and the whole new spectacle of it all, we really felt like telling parts of the story through more conventional means, we could really boost the feel of who the Slayer is, what he’s doing. It just gives you a lot of freedom to tell the story and represent the lore in a way that’s very approachable and understandable,” Martin said.

„And [the third-person perspective is] more efficient. I mean a lot of times if you stay first-person, it’s harder, it gets more complicated, there are more moments of, ‘stand still while someone vomits exposition at you and, why aren’t I engaging, why am I standing still, I’m the Doom Slayer?’ So if you notice with all the scenes, there’s a fluidity to them. Every single decision, whether it’s third-person cutscenes or big floating guns, it’s in the service of the game. That’s it. It’s better for the game, we do it,” Stratton added.

Doom Eternal is out on November 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but the Nintendo Switch and the Google Stadia will also receive it.

Source: VG247, VG247

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