For the creators of Dark Souls, PSVR is more limited than they expected

FromSoftware launched the PSVR game Déraciné to the market at the end of last year without having much impact.

FromSoftware, one of the most market-shaped studios, has shown its discontent with the possibilities of PSVR through statements by Masanori Takeuchi, one of the veterans of the team responsible for Dark Souls. It was during an interview at E3 2019 that the producer addressed the problems they encountered when developing Déraciné, their only foray into the device.

“When we made Déraciné we realized that the hardware was actually a bit more limited than we expected, we could not render and represent the things we wanted with PS VR with the knowledge and the hardware that we had, “he explained in a talk with Destructiod where he confirmed that he had no current plans for the technology. ” Maybe we’ll wait a bit and see what happens with PS5 and the new generation hardware, once we study its performance, we will make a decision,” he added.

And it will not be for lack of ideas, which according to Takeuchi are not lacking, but given the experience obtained with Déraciné, where they had to focus less on the game design and more on how they affect the user’s mechanics, they prefer to take a break.

Source: Destructiod

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