Is There Chaos Within G2A, Too?

The fight between the indie publishers and G2A continues.

In the past week, we discussed twice how G2A got on the top of the Google search results, adding fuel to the fire lit by the indie devs and publishers, who get no money, and they’d rather see us pirate their games instead of buying them on G2A. Mike Rose, the head of an indie publisher (No More Robots) also said the same. The online webshop has updated its response letter: „We need some time to put it all together, we’ll get back to you in the next couple of days with a solution. Some developers cannot accept the fact that people have full rights to re-sell the things they own. It’s a problem for those developers, but not for us or anyone else. And certainly not for gamers who have access to cheaper products, games included, thanks to marketplaces such as G2A. What we are saying is: It’s a good thing that people can re-sell keys and, with or without the online webshop, they will continue to do so.”

The joke is not here, but at the fact that Thomas Faust, one of the writers of Indie Games Plus published a few screenshots on Twitter  of an email received by the online webshop. They wanted him to write a paid, G2A-supporting article with the condition that it cannot be „marked as sponsored or marked as associated with G2A.” G2A is „trying to improve our brand awareness and public image,” and they wanted „an unbiased article about how ‘Selling stolen keys on gaming marketplaces is pretty much impossible’” after a price quote request. G2A has responded to this scenario on Twitter: „These e-mails were sent by our employee without authorization, for which we apologize to @SomeIndieGames and the 9 (!) other media outlets he sent this proposal to. He will face strict consequences, as this is absolutely unacceptable.”

After this, it’s unbelievable to think what could follow next – okay, G2A will publish a proposal later this week, but how could something of an insider action happen within G2A? Trying to pay off sites for a positive brand image? It will backfire.

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