Mortal Kombat screenwriter looks at Deadpool for movie tone

MOVIE NEWS – The New Line and Warner Bros. Pictures film are scheduled for release in 2021.

If there are no setbacks, in the coming months the production of a new film adaptation of Mortal Kombat will begin, the successful saga of fighting video games that were already taken to the big screen in the 90s. But, how will the focus of their responsibility for the movie? According to Greg Russo, screenwriter and main promoter of the film, he could have a similar approach to Deadpool.

” We wanted to be very faithful to the atmosphere of the game,” explained Russo in a chat with the specialized portal ComicBook. “If you have tried the games, you will know that there are real risks and emotions behind everything that happens to the characters, but at the same time everything is very fun,” he added. “What I mean is that Mortal Kombat has always been very ironic in his approach, be it something very violent or a crazy narrative idea. The brand has this kind of humour intrinsic in its nature.”

According to the writer, once he reached this premise after deepening the game, they looked for movies where they could look in the mirror, including “things like Deadpool.” “We like the tone the movie has. It has great humour and if you take away the humour, it has real characters. So we look for something like that. It will be fun but obviously it will also have real characters and real emotion,” he said.

Recall that the new Mortal Kombat movie is guaranteed its violence and that it already has Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero in his cast.

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