Is Blizzard Announcing Not One But Two Diablo Games Shortly?

Blizzard isn’t in such a high reputation at the moment (even some US politicians asked them to reconsider their ideas in a bipartisan approach…), and maybe this is their last resort to get things right.

Blizzard has had hot air around itself for about two weeks, and we have effectively discussed everything about them since Blitzchung‘s, a Taiwanese Hearthstone eSport-player’s ban. The company tries to avoid the public, which is why they cancelled a launch part for the Nintendo Switch port of Overwatch in New York. However, they can’t back out of BlizzCon like that – how dumb would it look if the company said less than two weeks from its start that sorry guys, no event this year?

A person that we could call somewhat of a Blizzard insider (he knew about Ashe, an Overwatch character, before its announcement), wrote the following on Twitter: „For anyone who cares: Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 remastered will also be announced. 🙂 #BlizzCon2019” (In a later tweet, he also added that the next Overwatch hero will not be revealed, as the company is „putting all their resources towards releasing Overwatch 2 as fast as possible.”) This is Blizzard’s plan to not only calm down the fans of Diablo (who got the shaft last year when Blizzard announced Diablo: Immortal… for mobile platforms), but also those who support the Hong Kong protesters (it is Blizzard’s way to divert the attention).

We already heard about Diablo 4 in development, so announcing it would make sense at BlizzCon, and remastering Diablo 2 makes sense as well after World of Warcraft Classic, and Warcraft III: Reforged (whose first three gameplay videos are available), and Starcraft also got a bit of facelift.

How will Blizzard avoid protesters at BlizzCon? What if people enter silently and then openly express their support towards the HK protesters? It’s not a question IF it will happen but when it will.

Source: Twitter

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