Firefox Is Buggy: Scammer „Technicians” Might Abuse An Error Message!

TECH NEWS – If you use Mozilla Firefox, due to a bug, your browser might lock up after displaying an error message.

The error message claims that our Windows is a pirated copy and that it got hacked. „Please stop and do not close the PC… The registry key of your computer is locked. Why did we block your computer? The Windows registry key is illegal. The Windows desktop is using pirated software. This Windows desktop sends viruses over the Internet. This Windows desktop is hacked. We block this computer for your safety,” the message says. It then displays a toll-free phone number that we should call within five minutes, or our computer would be „disabled.” (They’d probably request money to „fix the issue.”)

ArsTechnica says the bug is also present in the macOS version of Firefox. How can you get rid of the error message? Not by calling the number. Instead, do the usual Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and close Firefox from the Task Manager, or use Force Quit on Mac. However, if you have the restore tabs feature enabled, you should disconnect from the Internet. Otherwise, you’d get into a never-ending loop. Just close the suspicious tab while you’re offline, and you’re good to go.

Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes’ head of threat intelligence, says Mozilla has been already informed of the bug, and they replied by saying they are working on a fix. However, there is no official announcement just yet.

This error project might be coming from India, seeing how the error message is written (and we can already hear the word desktop pronounced as dextop in their accent…). That country is known for running scammers posing as Microsoft technicians, saying they have an issue to fix, even though there is nothing wrong with our computer. They’d take control over our PC, and then we’d have to pay them to get it back. On this YouTube channel, you can see a lot of the scammers getting caught.

Don’t be fooled.


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