Square Enix Is Headhunting For A Next-Gen Action Game

Square Enix is preparing something big for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Project Scarlett duo.

Games Talk. a Japanese website, reported what they found on Square Enix Japan’s recruitment website. Here, we can read that Square Enix’s First Development Division (which could be named the crown jewel dev team of the company) is working on a new, unannounced IP for high-definition consoles (this terminology sounds stupid and outdated nowadays, doesn’t it…?). The team has several decent projects behind it: Fantasy VII Remake (this is still in development, though…), Kingdom Hearts III, SaGA: Scarlet Grace, Romancing SaGa 3 remaster, Romancing SaGa Re:Universe… And since the First Party Development Division has experience in making games from consoles to mobile platforms, they know what they are doing.

Their job listing has an interesting quote: they are „aiming to realize a ‘next-generation action game experience’ that goes beyond the framework of existing action games, with an international team of creators from all over the world.” With this project, there’s another promising title under development at Square Enix. We can expect Kingdom Hearts to continue after Kingdom Hearts III’s secret ending, Luminous Productions is working on a new IP, we’ll likely see a new NieR from Yoko Taro, the Osaka team could be planning Dragon Quest XII, Naoki Yoshida (his nickname is Yoshi-P) might have ideas for Final Fantasy XVI (he was the producer and the director for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, meaning he has ties to the franchise; he leads the third Development Division, and they are working on something as well, with an image revealed below), and then there’s also a big chance of The World Ends With You and Bravely also continuing.

Let’s hope the new IP won’t be as big of a flop as The Quiet Man was last year, becoming one of the worst – if not the worst… – game of 2018. (Although Fallout 76 was a full-priced game, and it now has a 100-dollar annual subscription, too…)

Source: Gematsu

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