Fallout 76: Inventory Stealing Via A Hack [VIDEO]

Fallout 76 Bethesda Game Studios‘ product simply can’t be in the news with a positive update.

Recently, when we discussed Fallout 76, it was because of the new premium subscription model. Keep in mind, we’re talking about a 60-dollar AAA title. (In short: 13 dollars/month, or 100 dollars/year. We’re not going into more details.) And with a hack, Fallout 76 is in the news once again, and it doesn’t give us much hope about Todd Howard’s next game, called Starfield, which will be a next-gen title.

On Reddit, players warned each other about the new hack of the day in Fallout 76, in which players could steal the inventory of someone else, aside from caps or a few minuscule items. In short: you could have seen your entire inventory taken away, and a video was made, too. (The thumbnail is confusing, we know…)

In it, we see someone performing the stealing deed, resulting in the other player in their underwear, without any items. The Reddit post says that using public servers is not the best idea. How do you get to a private server? One: subscribe to Fallout 1st. Two: have a friend subscribe to Fallout 1st and see them invite you to their private server, which turned out to be not private, as discussed before.

Bethesda was quickly on the case, and in a post, they updated PC players (as the exploit is exclusive to the PC, keeping the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version safe) about the issue and that they are working on the solution. „We are investigating reports of a PC-only exploit that could be abused by cheaters, which may have resulted in a few players losing items that their characters had equipped. We have been actively working toward a solution for this and have a fix that we are currently evaluating for release today,” the post says.

Robbed players should contact the support team for compensation – if the items cannot be returned, they could get some currency, which possibly means some atoms that can barely be spent in the microtransaction shop on anything.

Fallout 76 never changes…

Source: PCGamer

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