Uncharted: Tom Holland Loves The Script

MOVIE NEWS – The Uncharted film that has been announced such a long time ago that we don’t remember it. That’s how we can describe Uncharted at the moment!

Tom Holland, who recently has the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with the new movie being shot this summer, told IGN that he read the newest draft of the script. (We’d like to interrupt here: wasn’t the script ready? Or is the new director, who isn’t announced yet, but is claimed to potentially be Venom director Ruben Fleischer, starting to change it here and there?)

„I read the newest draft of the script … and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It jumps off the page. I think what Uncharted offers that most video game films don’t is that it’s an origin story to the games, so if you’ve played the games, you haven’t see what’s going to happen in the film. If you haven’t played the games, you’re going to enjoy the film because it’s information that everyone else is getting at the same time,” Holland said.

Indeed: Uncharted will feature a young Nathan Drake, and Sully will also play a key role in the film. „I’m super excited to make that movie, and it’s been a long time coming. I think Mark Wahlberg is going to kill it as Sully and it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Holland added. Chris Pratt also showed up in the film – Sony is claimed to have offered him Drake’s role in the past, but he rejected the offer. Yet, in the interview, he talks as if he was also starring in Uncharted, which sounds weird…

According to the current situation, Uncharted will debut in cinemas on March 5. But not in 2020, as it got delayed so Holland can focus on his Spider-Man role. 2021 is when this film could be finally getting premiered… but we have our doubts.

Source: GameSpot

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