The backward compatibility of Xbox Series X promises to be amazing with improvements for all video games

Xbox Series X will improve the speed, resolution and loading times of all Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox titles.

Microsoft has offered abundant details about Xbox Series X, delving into the technical power and essential features of its new console, but there is a detail that is even more spectacular. Those of Redmond has confirmed that the backwards compatibility of the console will improve the image rate per second, resolution and even loading times of all Xbox One, Xbox 360 or first Xbox games.

“The benefits of this new generation of consoles extend to all directions to offer you greater fidelity of graphics and reduced loading times in all games that already you have, as well as the titles that will arrive in the future, “you can read on the official Xbox website. ” We are committed to compatibility in Xbox Series X and invest in technologies that simplify processes so that you can gather your collection of favourite games of any generation.”

Four generations of Xbox games will shake hands on Xbox Series X thanks to this commitment from Microsoft, which seeks that “all Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox titles look and play better than ever.” Including those that are available on the Xbox Game Pass, all these games will have “better frame rate, reduced loading times, as well as improved resolution and graphics without the intervention of any development team. In addition, you can continue using all your accessories Xbox One, “those of Redmond remember.

This same article has allowed us to know new technical specifications of Xbox Series X, which has confirmed the 12 teraflops among other features. “Xbox Series X is the most powerful console we have designed to date and it is a generation of consoles totally focused on players,” they say from Microsoft, who promise to give more news at the E3 2020 in Los Angeles in early June.

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