Star Citizen adds nearly $ 20 million from three new investors

Cloud Imperium has raised over $ 338 million for the game and the studio.

Already less for the full arrival of the expected Star Citizen for PC. The title of Cloud Imperium has gone through a series of legal difficulties to continue its advance, but finally, they managed to be resolved and the two companies facing each other ceased their hostilities, initiated by the use of the game engine.

According to the Kotaku website, Cloud Imperium has added new investments after the purchase of additional shares by Calder Family Office, Snoot Entertainment and ITG Investment. The total of this new sum of money reaches 17.25 million dollars, this being the second investment made by these companies, which previously invested 46 million dollars in the company in 2018.

Calder Family Office is a well-known company that belongs to Clive Calder, a billionaire who has sponsored music groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. And Snoot Entertainment is the parent company of film producer Snoot Films. The amount of money raised by the company for the game and the study already reaches more than 338 million dollars.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha phase and recently showed us new details, such as survival mechanics. The game will have a PvP mode and a campaign titled Squadron 42. Everything shown is very interesting and begins to outline the magnitude of the expected title of Cloud Imperium.

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