Play Alien Isolation for less than 2 euros and download Alien Blackout for free for a limited time

SEGA celebrates Alien Day with important offers on Steam and mobile devices.

On the occasion of Alien Day, which takes place on April 26, SEGA has launched a great offer for two games in the franchise: Alien Isolation, the acclaimed title of Creative Assembly, and Alien Blackout, the survival and horror video game for mobile devices.

Alien Isolation can now be purchased on Steam for just 1.85 euros. The Valve platform also collects important offers for a special pack that includes three games based on the well-known saga: Alien Isolation, Aliens vs Predator and Aliens Colonial Marines. All of them arrive with their DLC and costs 19.99 euros.

The Alien: Isolation Collection is also available for 11.49 euros. This edition includes the base game and story DLC: Corporation Lockdown, Crew Expendable and Last Survivor. The offer will be active for a limited time, as tomorrow ends.

Regular mobile gamers are also in luck as they can download and play Alien Blackout, the title of D3 Go! for Android and iOS. Blackout is the sequel to Isolation and is set between the events of Alien: The Eighth Passenger and Aliens: The Return.

Alien Isolation is one of the 10 best modern horror video games. If you want to discover why before you get it for less than 2 euros, do not hesitate to stop by our review of Alien Isolation and see everything it can offer to horror lovers.

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