PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X: Full Reveals Months Away?

We might not see Sony‘s next-gen console in its full glory for a while.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has previously mentioned that we’ll learn more about the PlayStation 5‘s games in early June (he first said June 4, but Sony is said to be flexible with the plans, so there could be a few days of difference). Now, he says that there will be another Sony event in August. We’ll add that in the first event, we’ll see both first-party and third-party next-gen titles in June. We might already officially see the PlayStation 5 in June, but the August event could contain several surprises as well. Sony might wait until the end of the summer.

Regarding the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will reveal details each month as part of the Xbox 20/20 program, and they already promised first-party game announcements for July. However, Grubb says that we might see the Redmond-based company’s next-gen hardware either on June 9 or 10. (And, to be equal: Nintendo might be skipping Nintendo Direct in June, and instead, they might pull surprise game announcements, as they did recently with Paper Mario: The Origami King.) EA Play and Ubisoft Forward have been confirmed, but Riot Games and Blizzard are also rumoured to do something in the summer months.

Gamescom will be the summer-ending event: the all-digital Gamescom, according to the German Games Industry Association’s announcement, will happen between August 27 and 30. The Gamescom Now platform will be greatly expanded: this hub will have all the new information in one place, and for the game devs and other trade visitors, Devcom Digital Conference could offer an alternative between August 17 and 30. The Gamescom Night Live (hosted by Geoff Keighley) has been shifted accordingly: the opening event has been moved from August 24 to 27. Gamescom: Best of Show on August 30 will be the closure of the event, recapping the best and most important moments of the German event.

So the events started to move around a bit, but the coronavirus might be still changing the plans and/or their dates.

Source: WCCFTech, Gematsu

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