Mafia III: Definitive Edition Comes With Unexpected Feature Removals!

We didn’t think that Mafia III‘s complete edition would lack features on top of missing content (as in Europe, the Faster, Baby! DLC seems to be paid).

On May 19, Mafia: Trilogy’s Mafia II: Definitive Edition (which was such a hot mess on consoles that we wrote about its glitch parade separately…) and Mafia III: Definitive Edition (handled by Hangar 13, unlike II’s re-release!) were published. As Mafia III is a re-release of a current-gen game (it’s the base game with DLC… so it is a re-release, no matter how we look at it), we thought that 2K (=Take-Two) wouldn’t be able to mess it up.

Oh, but we were wrong! The Definitive Edition patch is about 10 GB on consoles. (On PC, you get the Definitive Edition along with the original.) On Reddit, a user explains what the problem is with this patch: „[Mafia III] received a big patch that was supposed to make some gameplay improvements. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S, this patch had around 10 GB. It’s not listed in patch notes, but they made some changes in graphics, On Xbox One S and PlayStation 4, the game looks sharper, and things like dust when driving on a dirt road are improved. So, the game didn’t just receive new DLC and a new logo.

The problem is: for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there is a single patch for entry and pro consoles, and this patch removed the improvements that were released years ago specifically for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. So, the version of Mafia III right now for Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 are the same ones for their pro brothers, so the 4K is gone as well as the graphical improvements in texture, reflections and other stuff,” the post says.

We can only describe it with one word: pathetic! Eurogamer contacted 2K/Take-Two about this shoddy work (because this seems to be nothing more than a no-effort re-release), and they replied with the following: „The development team supporting Mafia 3: Definitive Edition is aware of this issue and is working to restore support for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro as soon as possible.” Now, the game runs on 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro (instead of 1440p) and on 900p at Xbox One X, instead of 1728p!

After all this, we’re afraid that Hangar 13 will find a way to mess up Mafia: Definitive Edition. The remake (it will be a remake!) will launch on August 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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