Silent Hill, Resident Evil 8: Both Games Might Be Announced This Month

One of them could be confirmed in the next few days.

AestheticGamer previously discussed both Silent Hill (a PlayStation 5-exclusive soft reboot developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio) and Resident Evil 8 (initially starting life as Resident Evil Revelations 3 before Capcom rebooted it, featuring both Ethan and Chris from 7), but now, he mentioned both games on Twitter: „I’ll lay this out again bluntly: Silent Hill – if the Japan Studios, Toyama directing, etc, stuff is all true – will either be revealed on the 4th or in August. It SHOULD be the 4th as the team is excited to reveal it, the game is PlayStation 5-exclusive and it’s in a playable state. […] The email was from someone from Supermassive Games, IE the creators of Until Dawn.” Supermassive is now working on The Dark Pictures Anthology for Bandai Namco as a multiplatform project.

What about Resident Evil 8? Let’s see what he said: „The only reason [Resident Evil 8’s reveal might not happen] is it’s not a launch game. I have no idea when the reveal is, but it was supposed to be E3 originally. It’s a cross-gen game (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One), similarly, I think August is the latest it’ll show up, but I suspect it’ll show up somewhere this month.” Also, Resident Evil 8 might get a small delay from the planned January 2021 window to Q1 2021, so it could potentially launch as late as March next year, due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Neither games have been officially announced yet, but nor AestheticGamer, neither KatharsisT on the ResetEra forum seem to provide false information. Regarding Silent Hill, we might get answers in just a few days.

Source: WCCFTech

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