Stable 60 FPS Is „The Least Likely Option” On Next-Gen Consoles

Ljubomir Peklar, the director of Scorn (which is being developed at a Serbian studio, Ebb Software), thinks there’s not much of a chance for high frame rate if the graphics get too shiny.

„If the developers decide to build the games only for the new hardware then it will have certain advantages compared to being cross-gen. Scaling can go quite far, but not indefinitely before it starts performing poorly on the lowest hardware and limiting what can be done on the highest hardware. On the other hand, your shiny new graphics will once again probably come at a cost of frame rate. It depends on what you prefer. If cross-gen games go for 60 FPS on next-gen, I would find that favourable.

If they just opt for more graphical fidelity and 30 FPS, then you would get better results, if the game was built from ground up for the new hardware. Ideally, you would want a 60 FPS game build for next-gen, but that seems like the least likely option,” Peklar told GamingBolt.

In short, he described the lowest common denominator. If you develop a cross-gen title across multiple console generations, you have to consider the weakest link in the chain, which will then decrease the scope of the best consoles’ version. Such an example could be Mighty No. 9 in 2016, which looked far worse than the prototype that was created in seven days. (And its PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions never saw daylight!)

However, if the developers will continue focusing on graphics and monetization instead of gameplay and ambience, then the result will likely not change with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X either. Peklar’s game, Scorn, is planned to launch on PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X this Holiday season.

Source: PSU

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