Xbox Series S: A Faster CPU Than In The PlayStation 5?

The weaker next-gen Xbox might also come with a faster CPU than what the PlayStation 5 will use.

Regarding the Xbox Series S (codename: Lockhart, we call it as such as there’s an Xbox One X and an Xbox One S), we have heard many things, even though the console hasn’t been announced yet: 7.5 GB available memory, same clock speed for the CPU as the Xbox Series X, 1440p/30FPS or 1080p/60FPS target, easy profiling in the devkit…

Now, The Verge’s Tom Warren (who brought up the information in the previous paragraph) posted a tweet: he says the Lockhart CPU will be faster than the PlayStation 5’s (even though all next-gen consoles will be AMD Ryzen Zen 2-based), which is a massive surprise. Supporting hardware ray tracing isn’t. He added that the game developers have been building PC games for multiple GPUs for decades. Our response is: the Xbox is slowly becoming a PC.

Warren got a reply saying that the developers will downgrade their games to have the games available on the Xbox Series S (because we can be sure that Microsoft will not allow them to make Xbox Series X-only titles!). To that, he responded with the following: „I guess we should start worrying about the PlayStation 5 holding back next-gen gaming in your world then.”

However, the Xbox 20/20 program skipped June. Microsoft plan is to reveal new information about the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Game Pass, and other first-party (Xbox Game Studios – XGS for short ) titles. The June program is reportedly pushed back to August. Eurogamer reports that Lockhart was meant to be announced in June, and since it’s a respectable site, we should believe them…

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will launch this Holiday season. Seeing how Sony will immediately launch two PlayStation 5 versions (PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a Blu-ray drive), we can suspect Microsoft doing the same.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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