From The Creators Of ReCore Comes ’Where the Heart Is’ [VIDEO]

The new video game ‘Where the Heart Is‘ is the next game from the creators of ReCore and will arrive in winter inviting us to live a story where reality and imagination go hand in hand.

Armature Studios, creators of ReCore with Keiji Inafune brings us Where the Heart Is, an adventure videogame for PS4 where imagination is combined with reality. In this game the developers are inviting us to visit the key moments in the life of a person.


“As a child, I was fascinated by the idea that there was a hidden world that you didn’t know existed in the world around us and that we live in. It was a common thread in the books and movies I grew up with. Some of Those stories were more fantasy and others more science fiction, but they all shared the idea that there could be something new and unexpected around the corner. It’s something I always liked,” – says Todd Keller, co-founder of Armature Studios on the PlayStation blog.


’Where the Heart Is’ is inviting us to participate in an adventure where the border between the real and the imagined is blurred while exploring the past and future of Whit, the protagonist of this story. The idea will be complemented by the obligation to make decisions as tangible as those that each person can make in their day to day life. In this sense, depending on the chosen paths, a history will be lived that will change with each new game started.


Where the Heart Is seeks in this way to make the player a participant and main actor in a story in which we will go through Whit’s life from birth to death, going through all the moments that add up to make a life: tragedy, happiness, fun and other strange things.



Armature Studios has set a winter release date for the PlayStation 4. The game will be PS-exclusive.

Source: 3DJuegos

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