Quantum Error: How Will It Use The DualSense And Tempest?

TeamKill Media’s indie game has a strong presence, which is quite surprising from them.

The official PlayStation Magazine’s August issue has an interview with Micah Jones, who happens to be one of the four brothers who founded TeamKill Media. Thankfully, WCCFTech has saved the relevant quotes from the interview.

„For example, we are going to make every gunshot vibrate the side of the hand that would be holding the handle of the gun, vibrate the controller dynamically according to where the enemy hits you. We are going to have the player go to doors that have the possibility of backdraught explosions and the character will place his left hand on the door and if it’s hot the controller will vibrate on the left side of the controller to warn the player of an explosion if that door is opened,” Jones said about the DualSense controller.

The game will also make use of the Tempest 3D audio engine. How? „The usage of ray tracing with light and shadows and how we can use darkness in the atmosphere goes a long way to impart the feelings in a horror game. It’s really hard to put into words, but the atmosphere you can create using ray tracing in the environment with a horror game is so much more intense and realistic. I believe it’s going to be a different experience than gamers have ever had.

Audio also plays a huge part in bringing on that horror feel and maintaining it throughout a game. We are going to make the player feel like they are there in the game, with the sound engulfing them, perceiving an enemy’s location and the direction and making the environment feel alive as you traverse,” Jones replied.

Quantum Error has no release date yet (early 2021?). It’s being made for PlayStation 5 first. The PlayStation 4 port will happen after it. We have yet to see how they tone the game down from the PS5 to the PS4.

Source: WCCFTech

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